Our Team

Decades of experience in hands on growth of companies gives us a unique pespective on how to help our investments grow.

David Rowe

Former CEO and founder of Easynet Group, a highly profitable $350m global Enterprise Cloud services business built from scratch over the course of 18 years including private, and public ownership.

Easynet was sold to BSkyB in 2006, and David joined the management team there responsible for B2B operations.

Subsequently, David helped to finance the buy out from BSkyB of the Enterprise part of Easynet and left it to start up Black Green Capital in 2013.


Richard Croft Croft Legal

Richard Croft

Richard has worked as in house legal counsel at GEC Marconi, Ipsaris and Easynet and now advises Black Green Capital and others on commercial contracts, company law financing and M&A.

Richard is a qualified solicitor and holds a law degree from Brunel University.


Paul Morrison

Paul has 20 years experience in high tech and IT business development. He initiated the commercial discussion for Easynet with Sky, which led to the £211m acquisition of Easynet in 2006.

From Sky, Paul was relocated to Los Angeles to work on a global data center consolidation project within News Corp in 2008 and returned to the UK in 2011.

Since re-joining David and the team at Black Green Capital he has focused on cryptocurrency and data center startups.


Andy Long

Andy has over 20 years experience in telecoms and finance in sales, business development and management.

At Black Green Capital he was responsible for leading the commercial launch and build of Hydro66 and continues to advise on strategy.

Prior to Black Green Capital he worked at Easynet, BSkyB, Fisher Investments and AllianceBernstein. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.